5th European Grid Conference

Digital Energy and the Power Grid: Trends and Opportunities
19 November 2015, 1pm – 6pm

Digitalisation refers to the conversion of analogue information into electronic data, which can be read by computers and other devices. Digitalisation of text, audio and video has already revolutionised information industries. It is now rapidly entering every sector of the economy. The electric grid is ripe for digital disruption – an existing network of electric cables, which is now seeing a global rollout of digital infrastructure including sensors and smart meters. The electric cable and fibre optic network and wireless internet will connect new and existing digital devices, creating a vast software platform for data collection, and remote monitoring and operation of electricity generation and consumption.


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Keynote speeches

  • Antonella Battaglini, CEO, Renewables Grid Initiative
  • Chris PEETERS, CEO, Elia


The digitalisation of energy
Gerard Reid, Founder and Managing Partner, Alexa Capital & Bourbaki

1. How digitalisation in the electricity sector is shaping and impacting markets, new actors such as virtual power plants, prosumers and citizens

  • Paul KREUTZKAMP, CEO, Next Kraftwerke Belgium
  • Isabelle BUSCKE, Head of Brussels Office, Federation of German Consumer Organisations
  • John DOYLE, DG CNECT, European Commission
  • Colas CHABANNE, WG Market Design & RES Convenor, ENTSO-E


2. Digitalisation is linked to big data. Managing and accessing data will enable actors to prosper and deliver the energy transition. An update on recent developments

      • Jukka RUUSUNEN, President and CEO, Fingrid
      • Baard EILERTSEN, Founder, Maingate
      • Paul-Georg GARMER, Senior Public Affairs Manager, TenneT


Coffee Break


Flexibility and demand response: the silver bullet of the energy transition?

  • Andreas FLAMM, Director Regulatory Affairs Europe, EnerNOC
  • Stephan SINGER, Chairman of the RGI Board and Head Global Energy Policy, WWF International
  • Oliver RAPF, Executive Director, Buildings Performance Institute Europe
  • Dr. Jörg SPICKER, Head of Market Operations, Swissgrid


Closing speech: why do we work together?

  • Konstantin STASCHUS, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E
  • Wendel TRIO, Director, Clime Action Network (CAN) Europe


Evening reception


Good Practice of the Year Award Ceremony & ENTSO-E Dinner
19 November 2015, 18:30 – 22:30, Théâtre de Vaudeville, Brussels
Invitation only

ENTSO-E Annual Conference
20 November 2015, 8:30 – 16:30, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels
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Antonella Battaglini, CEO of Renewables Grid Initiative

Antonella Battaglini is founder and Executive Director of the Renewables Grid Initiative, a forum for transmission system operators and environmental NGOs. In addition to the RGI activities, she is a senior scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) where she leads the SuperSmart Grid (SSG) process, a concept she developed together with her team to reconcile different approaches to renewables. By adopting a holistic approach, the SSG addresses the challenges of the transformation of the power sector considering generation, transmission and demand management. In this concept both centralized and decentralized generation play an undisputed role. Ms. Battaglini holds an MBA from the Berlin School of Economics.


Isabelle Buscke, Head of Brussels Office, Federation of German Consumer Organisations

A German and French national, Ms. Buscke holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and Linguistics from the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
Ms Buscke is Head of the Brussels office of the German Consumer Federation vzbv where she deals with the entire breadth of consumer policy ranging from financial services, energy digital, mobility and consumer rights. Along with energy policy, internet and media policy are one of the focus areas for vzbv. She is also the German member of the European Consumer Consultative Group (ECCG).
Before joining vzbv in 2012, Ms Buscke has worked for different Public Affairs consultancies focussing on energy and digital topics. Before moving to Brussels, she worked for a German architecture firm in Freiburg where she was responsible for ensuring smooth cross-border operations.

Colas Chabanne, WG Market Design & RES Convenor at ENTSO-E

Colas Chabanne is Convenor of the ENTSO-E Working Group on Market Design and Renewable Energy Sources (MD&RES), which is responsible for developing and promoting ENTSO-E’s positions on long term market design and RES integration. Colas is Senior Market Designer at RTE’ Markets Department, involved on several topics related to Market Design and Regulatory issues (Demand Side Response, Capacity Market, Balancing,…). He is Project Manager on Demand Response for Retail Supply, and also performs high-level consultancy missions as Senior Advisor for RTE international.


John Doyle, DG CNECT, European Commission

John Doyle works as Policy Officer at the European Commission in the area of Knowledge Sharing. His focus is “ICT for Everything”: How can we as ICT experts contribute more pro-actively to Policy formation across all areas of EU competence? What are the perhaps poorly understood effects that „ICT creep“ is already having in many areas? How can we directly contribute to the great challenges of the day? His main interests are better decision making, equality, diversity and sustainability.


Baard Eilertsen, Founder, Maingate

Baard Eilertsen is the founder of Maingate Enterprise Solutions, a company that focuses on solutions for smart grids, smart enterprise and smart homes, delivering end-to-end network control for energy and industrial companies. Baard has over 20 years of international business experience and a broad European business network. His specialities are turn arounds and growth through innovations and strategic customer partnership as well as sales management and strategic sales of complex solutions.


Andreas Flamm, Director Regulatory Affairs Europe, EnerNOC

Andreas Flamm is an experienced energy economist with a focus on power market design and regulation. He has successfully led international projects and teams in industry, consulting and the public sector. Andreas holds an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics, and a BA in Business Information Systems from the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently Andreas works for EnerNOC as Director Regulatory Affairs Europe. In this position Andreas acts as EnerNOC’s primary liaison to EU governments, the European Commission and the relevant regulators and trade bodies. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC). Andreas strongly believes in demand response as a key enabling technology of a well-functioning power market.


Paul-Georg Garmer, Senior Public Affairs Manager, TenneT

Paul-Georg Garmer works as Senior Manager Public Affairs at TenneT TSO GmbH since April 2013. Mr. Garmer joined TenneT after he held the position of the deputy lead of the business section for energy and environmental policy at the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) after it was founded in 2007. Prior he worked as head of energy politics and regulation at the “Bundesverband der deutschen Gas- und Wasserwirtschaft” (BGW), the predecessor institution of the BDEW since 2003. Previously he worked as the office manager for the German Member of Parliament Peter Weiß (CDU) in Bonn and Berlin. Mr. Garmer holds a degree in political science, anglistics and history from the universities of Münster and Freiburg. He is politically and voluntarily involved as member of a regional parliament, the lead of his party faction as well as member of the supervisory body of Caritas-Krankenhilfe Berlin e.V., funding organization of three hospitals in Berlin and Brandenburg.


Chris Peeters, CEO, Elia

Chris Peeters is the new Chief Executive Officer at Elia. He obtained a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Leuven, Belgium. For the past years, he ran the Business Consulting activities of Schlumberger in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to that, he was 14 years with McKinsey & Company (of which seven years as Partner), specializing in the energy sector. The first ten years of his career, he created an engineering firm and subsequently started a manufacturer of building materials, before joining Hoogovens Aluminium as Sales & Technical Manager for part of Europe.


Oliver Rapf, Executive Director, Buildings Performance Institute Europe

Oliver Rapf is Executive Director of the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, a think-do-tank with a focus on energy and the built environment and represents BPIE in the Executive Committee of the Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN). Before that, Oliver worked as Head of the Climate Business Engagement unit of WWF International, managing strategy and partnership development with the private sector. Leading an international team, he advised multinational companies on climate change and energy issues. His experience in buildings efficiency goes back to the late 90s when he was a project leader for several deep renovation projects on behalf of WWF in cooperation with housing companies across Germany.


Gerard Reid, Founder and Managing Partner at Alexa Capital & Bourbaki

Gerard Reid has over two decades‘ experience in equity research and fund management. He is also a leading energy expert as well as lecturer, author and monthly columnist for Biz Energy Today, the German energy industry publication. Prior to founding Alexa Capital, he was Managing Director and Head of European Cleantech Research at Jefferies & Co.
Before joining Jefferies Mr. Reid managed a renewable energy fund. Prior to this he was Head of Research at First Berlin where he expanded the equity research operation to cover 50 companies. Gerard Reid has broad relationships across the institutional and private investor communities as well as amongst government policy makers, utilities and technology providers to the energy area. He has developed a reputation as a leading global expert in renewable energy and the wider energy space through his work in the wind, solar, biofuels, natural gas, utility and European industrials sectors.
Mr. Reid is an Adjunct Professor at Imperial College, London and lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Berlin, where he has been lecturing in international business for over a decade. Mr. Reid holds a Higher Diploma in Education and MA Business & Economics from Trinity College, Dublin.


Jukka Ruusunen, President and CEO, Fingrid

Jukka Ruusunen has served as Fingrid’s President and CEO since 2007. During the years 1996 – 2006 he worked at Fortum Power and Heat Oy as Vice President of Business Development and in Imatran Voima Oy as Advisor of the Department of Strategic Planning. Since 1982 he has been working in various academic duties at Helsinki University of Technology and Helsinki School of Economics.
Jukka Ruusunen studied at Helsinki University of Technology where he completed his doctorate of technology at 1991. His key positions of trust are: Board Member of the Finnish Energy Industries, Member of the National Emergency Supply Council, Member of ENTSO-E Board, Member of Technology Academy Finland, Visiting Professor of Aalto University School of Science and Technology and School of Economics.



Stephan Singer, Director of Global Energy Policy WWF International

Stephan leads WWF’s international work on promotion of 100% Renewables by 2050 since 2008. Before that he has been leading the WWF European Climate and Energy Policy Unit in Brussels since 1999. Previously he worked for WWF Germany and for GTZ/German ministry of economic co-operation in Hyderabad, India in co-operation with the World Bank on rural poverty alleviation. He is Honorary Chairperson of the Board of the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI). Stephan is also peer reviewer of the annual World Energy Outlook publications by the IEA and was a peer reviewer of the IPCC WG III (mitigation and economics).


Jörg Spicker, Head of Market Operations, Swissgrid AG

Dr. Jörg Spicker is Head of Market Operations at Swissgrid AG and was appointed to his role in October 2013. As Member of the Executive Committee, he is responsible for market related tasks for the Swiss transmission network operations, system services, capacity management, regulatory affairs, stakeholder management and EU relations. Mr. Spicker has a strong executive track record in the energy industry. Prior to his relocation to Switzerland, he was Senior External Advisor to McKinsey Inc. in the field of energy trading, risk management, energy procurement and distribution. From 2003 to 2012, his career at the Board of Atel Energy Ltd – the German subsidiary of the Swiss Atel Group – was distinguished by managing origination, sales and production. Mr. Spicker holds a Master‘s degree in Physics from the Ruhr-University of Bochum and further gained a PhD from the same institution in 1988.


Konstantin Staschus, PhD, Secretary-General at ENTSO-E

Konstantin Staschus received a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Virginia Tech in the USA. After 9 years at Pacific Gas and Electric, USA, he held management positions in German utility associations, including 6 years as Managing Director of VDN, the association of over 400 German electricity transmission and distribution system operators. In 2009 he began his mandate as Secretary-General of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity in Brussels. ENTSO-E is defined in the European Internal Energy Market legislation with legal mandates for the development of 10-year pan-European network development plans, enhancing operational coordination, R&D planning, and of network codes on connection conditions, market and operational rules. These codes become European binding regulations and complete the Europe-wide electricity market with necessary detailed cross-border rules.

picture wendel

Wendel Trio, Director, Climate Action Network Europe

Wendel Trio is the Director of CAN Europe. Wendel is a Masters in Social Sciences. He has 30 years of experience in working for NGOs, including as political director for Oxfam in Belgium, as campaign director for Greenpeace Belgium and as Director of the Policy and Business Unit of Greenpeace International. In that capacity he managed the Greenpeace International climate policy work and led the Greenpeace delegations from the COP in Bali till the COP in Cancun. He started working as CAN Europe Director in September 2011. His main tasks include overall coordination and management of the office and the CAN Europe network, fundraising, strategic guidance and high-level political representation.

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