2nd Grid Conference

Beyond Public Opposition
EU Launch of the European Grid Report - Lessons Learned across Europe

The European Grid Declaration on Electricity Network Expansion and Nature Conservation, publicly signed by over 25 CEOs and high-level representatives of European TSOs and NGOs and handed over to Commissioner Oettinger at last year’s conference, sends a strong signal: The unlocking of Europe’s full potential for renewable energy via the modernisation and expansion of its power grids should go hand-in-hand with nature conservation efforts.

This year, the Renewables-Grid-Initiative launched the European Grid Report – Lessons Learned across Europe. The report of over 80 practical experiences explores the current state of art in harmonizing grid expansion with environmental protection principles and improving public participation in planning procedures. Selected case studies, the extended European Grid Declaration, specifying transparency and public participation aspects, as well as the SEFEP’s implementation monitoring mechanism were presented and discussed at the 2nd European Grid Conference.

15:30 Welcome by MEPs Sir Graham Watsin ad Antonio Correia de Campos

15:50 Introduction by Kristina Steenbock, SEFEP and Antonella Battaglini, RGI (Introductory Poem read by Antonella Battaglini)

16:10 Presentation of the new annex on transparency and public participation of the European Grid Declaration
Ariel Brunner, Birdlife Europe and Bern Voorhorst, TenneT

16:20 Introduction of the European Grid Report on Lessons Learned across Europe
Antonella Battaglini

A Changing World – Challenges and Lessons Learned.
Stephan Singer, WWF and Boris Schucht, 50Hertz

16:40 Short Presentations of Key Experiences
Various high-level representations of RGI partner organisations: Ben Voorhorst, TenneT; Bente Hagen, Statnett; Jean Verseille, RTE; Klaus Milke, Germanwatch and Jacques Vandermeiren, Elia

17:15 Hand-over of the European Grid Report to Commissioners Günther H. Oettinger and Janez Potočnik

17:30 Keynote
Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy

Janez Potočnik, Commissioner for the Environment

18:00 Panel discussion on outlook
With: Konstantin Staschus, ENTSO-E; Jean-Arnold Vinois, DG Energy; Frédéric Thoma, Greenpeace and Jason Anderson, WWF

18:30 Closing words
Antonella Battaglini

18:40 Poster session and networking

19:30 End

Impressions of the Day


Keynote by Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy

European Grid Report [PDF]
Beyond Public Opposition, Lessons Learned Across Europe
Renewables Grid Initiative

Extension of the European Grid Declaration [PDF]
The Declaration is an extension of the European Grid Declaration on Electricity Network Development and Nature Conservation in Europe, signed on 10 November 2011